Lean By Doing

Early along, as a student of the Toyota Production System (TPS), now referred to as “Lean,” I struggled with some of the concepts and systems.  For example, Shigeo Shingo’s claim that a four-hour m…

Experts in Effective Lean Manufacturing Open Los Angeles Division

Leaders in lean manufacturing solutions, Lean 5S Products, announce their expansion to a new division in Los Angeles, supplying their range of tool shadow boards to organizations looking to reduce waste, be more compliant and increase efficiency.

Lean Vs Automation

An important question to consider when going lean. Experts discuss top considerations for making new equipment and lean initiatives work together.

Hazards at the Huddle Board: Away From Fast Thinking, Toward Disciplined PDCA

As more companies use the huddle board approach for continuous improvement, people need to be aware of the pitfalls involved. “Often what’s picked up as a problem may be a nuisance or an inconvenience,’ says David Verble. ‘There is an attempt to make a general link between these problems and the priorities of the company.’

Attack of the road cones? Think 5S!

How Can Companies Using Road Cones Be More Organised? Answer, Our Cone Shadow Boards!

Traditional Pegboards vs Printed Shadow boards? Who wins? You decide.

Shadow boards and peg boards are frequently used both personally and professionally. They help to keep the workplace organised and all of your tools together so that you can locate them easily.

Why Shadow Boards?

Incorporating Tool Shadow Boards into your workplace or organization has a multitude of benefits including:

Increase of workplace efficiency and time savings, operators are not wasting time searching for tools or equipment,