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If your workplace is cluttered with small tools, misplaced or damaged tools, consider transforming your area with a small tool shadow boards. 

We source the appropriate tool fixtures including stainless steel hardware and earth magnets to hold your tools securely on a shadow board.

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What Are Tool Shadow Boards?

A tool shadow board is like a fancy, designated parking spot for tools and equipment. Instead of just lying around or living in a toolbox, every tool has a specific hook and shadow on the board, so you always know where it belongs. So, if you’re in eve to keep your workspace organized and efficient, a tool shadow board is your go-to solution.

Why Use Lean 5s Tool Shadow Board

Our Tools Shadow boards


5s Tool Organization For A Productive And Organized Workplace

To achieve a productive and organized workplace, Try switching to our 5s tool shadow board, which is in fact a key to an organized workplace. Our custom tool shadow boards, placed at the point of use, will help to reduce waste. Not only this, it will also be able to quickly identify missing items from the board. Thus, leading to less clutter and more productivity.

Moreover, we give you the option to create your own tool shadow boards either with Shadow-Mark or pegboard. However, if you feel like, you will not be able to handle all the work, we offer custom print designs as well for a durable and professional-looking approach.

our tool shadow boards are not limited to tools alone. In fact, everything can be color-coded to maintain an organized system. Plus, they are cost-effective with multiple material options and are 100% customizable at no additional cost. All of this comes with a satisfaction guarantee.