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Whether you need an uplifting peer recognition board, a production board, a lockout tag station…or a safety board, we can custom design and fabricate one for you. Just tell us what you need.

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Why Our Production Boards Work

Our Production Boards make work easy. They help keep track of tasks and boost team efficiency. Simple visuals give a quick look at work progress. They are easy to update. We also offer custom designs to fit your business needs. Get a clear view of the present work status with our boards. Improve your work with our user-friendly tools.
Production boards for instant reference

Production boards for instant reference

Our boards effectively showcase real-time workflow. They use clear visuals for easy understanding. They’re user-friendly, efficient, and designed for success. The best part is Team gets an instant reference. That’s why our boards are fast and simple to use.

A visual reflection of your process

Offer a visual mirror to your process. Give you a vivid and real-time picture of your workflow. Plus, they use simple visuals for instant clarity.

Production boards that produce quality

Our boards show your good work clearly with high-quality visuals. They make visual processes like safety and work speed simple and easy to understand.


Production board 1
Production Yield1
Lean 5s product Shadow board

Boards for tracking production

Use our boards to watch your performance. Set your production goals. Then, see your work status to those goals. Best of all, you can always get better as they help you keep improving.

Production boards for solving problems

Design your own Problem-Solving Boards with us. Choose Follow-Up Boards for tackling issues. Showcase your problem-solving process using clear visuals and key signals. Utilize our boards to pinpoint problems, share solutions, and take decisive action. Above all, help your team find answers and get better.