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ColorCore is a general-purpose, value-oriented line of color-coded cleaning tools from Remco. The ColorCore range provides users with a balance of cost, durability, and effectiveness that is well-suited for use in restaurants, hotels, commercial and government buildings, and light industrial facilities.

Remco/Vikan Color Coded Cleaning Tools Features

  • A good balance of value, durability, and effectiveness
  • An assortment of 18 tools, each available in 6 colors, to help meet many common cleaning challenges
  • Economically priced tools for lighter cleaning tasks
  • Total-color construction that helps minimize the risk of cross-contamination by making it easier to properly identify and store tools
  • Most tools are manufactured in TAA-compliant countries, making them suitable for government use

ColorCore Stiff Short Handle Scrubbing Brush ColorCore Stiff Short Handle Scrubbing Brush Description The long-handled scrubbing brush lets workers reach deep into …

ColorCore 51″ Aluminum Handle ColorCore 51″ Aluminum Handle Description This aluminum handle is long enough for most workers to comfortably use. It …

ColorCore 59″ Aluminum Handle ColorCore 59″ Aluminum Handle Description This aluminum handle provides extra length, making it easier for workers to reach …

ColorCore 50″ Fiberglass Handle ColorCore 50″ Fiberglass Handle Description This fiberglass handle is durable and long-lasting. Its length is lighter and easier …

ColorCore 57″ Fiberglass Handle ColorCore 57″ Fiberglass Handle Description This long handle makes it easier for employees to clean hard-to-reach places, and …

ColorCore Medium Angle Broom ColorCore Medium Angle Broom Description The angle broom reaches into corners and the longer, flexible bristles follow the …

ColorCore Soft 24″ Push Broom ColorCore Soft 24″ Push Broom Description This wide push broom cleans floors faster, making it a great …

ColorCore Stiff Hand Scrubbing Brush ColorCore Stiff Hand Scrubbing Brush Description This hand scrubbing brush has stiff bristles making it easier to …

ColorCore Stiff 12″ Deck/Wall Scrub ColorCore Stiff 12″ Deck/Wall Scrub Description Stiff bristles scrub away debris, helping clean floors faster, while the …

ColorCore Stiff High-Low Deck Scrub Brush ColorCore Stiff High-Low Deck Scrub Brush Description Bristles are mounted at two angles on this deck …

ColorCore Stiff Long Handled Scrubbing Brush ColorCore Stiff Long Handled Scrubbing Brush Description The long handled scrubbing brush lets workers reach deep …

ColorCore Medium Dish Brush ColorCore Medium Dish Brush Description This molded dish brush with gentle bristles won’t scratch delicate surfaces and works …

ColorCore Medium Bench Brush ColorCore Medium Bench Brush Description This bench brush cleans up work spaces quickly and efficiently. The medium bristles pick …

ColorCore Handheld Dustpan ColorCore Handheld Dustpan Description Use this dustpan to collect debris ranging from fine powders to larger bits and pieces. …

ColorCore Medium Nail Brush ColorCore Medium Nail Brush Description This nail brush is a smart addition to employee hand washing stations. The …

ColorCore Stiff Tank Brush ColorCore Stiff Tank Brush Description This rounded tank brush scrubs curved surfaces like tanks or channel drains efficiently …

ColorCore 24″ Single Blade Squeegee ColorCore 24″ Single Blade Squeegee Description This single blade squeegee cleans floors and removes water efficiently. It …

ColorCore 22″ Foam Blade Squeegee ColorCore 22″ Foam Blade Squeegee Description The foam blade squeegee can handle large amounts of water and …

  • Adding color-coding to 5S lean programs used in general manufacturing
  • Separating cleaning tools by use (cleaning drains versus work tables)
  • Identifying tools that belong in specific areas (restaurant kitchens versus dining rooms)
  • General cleaning in commercial facilities like retail stores and office buildings
  • Low-risk areas in food manufacturing facilities like offices or locker rooms

ColorCore tools are sufficient for many cleaning applications, but they are not intended to replace Vikan’s hygiene line for high-risk applications like food manufacturing. See the comparison chart on the back page. Always conduct a thorough risk assessment before introducing new sanitation tools or plans.

Between Vikan’s hygiene line and ColorCore, outfitting entire operations with trusted, effective, and color-coded tools is now easier than ever.





Total-Color ConstructionEasier visual identification



EU/FDA Compliant MaterialsSafe for food contact when used within stated limits



Euro ThreadingCreates a more secure connection between handles and tool heads versus acme threading



Lower Upfront CostValue-oriented tools lower the barrier of entry into a color-coding system



Lower Long-Term CostHigher-quality materials and rugged designs help tools last longer, reducing cost 


Commercial GradeBest for lighter use in smaller areas like restaurants, hotels, commercial, and light industrial facilities



Industrial GradeBest for intensive cleaning in food and other hygiene-critical manufacturing facilities 


Declarations of Compliance for the Entire LineOne compliance document applies to all tools



Declarations of Compliance for Individual ToolsSpecific individual documents are available for each tool that is intended for food contact 


Hygienic DesignSmooth surfaces and curved internal angles make tools easier to clean and reduce harborage points for allergens and microorganisms 


Ergonomic DesignReduces fatigue and the potential for workplace injury 


Fit for PurposeDesigned specifically for industrial food manufacturing 


Full-LineHundreds of specialized cleaning and material handling tools 


Up to 12 Colors AvailableMaximum flexibility when building complex color-coding plans 


A Comprehensive Overview of An Industrial Long-Handled Cleaning Brush

Across a myriad of industries, cleaning and maintenance is more than just a matter of following hygiene; however essential for workplace efficiency and safety. The industrial long-handled cleaning brush is the key tool that can help boost the process of cleaning in various ways. In our post today, we will look into a series of perks of using this efficient cleaning tool across varied industrial settings.

Importance of Effective Cleaning Tools

Cleaning tools play a critical part in helping maintain operational efficiencies and ensuring a hygienic and safer workplace. These brushes are the best among the other cleaning tools due to their potential functionality and designs.

Cleaning Hard-to-Reach Areas

One of the core essential perks is the long-hand held cleaning brush’s ability to access the areas that are tough to reach. Across the different industrial spaces, several types of machinery, equipment, and structures are difficult to clean while using conventional cleaning tools. These brushes would reach deeper corners, higher ceilings, and compact spaces to ensure an extensive cleaning procedure.

Enhanced Worker Safety

These brushes would equally reduce the likelihood of the workers having to climb ladders or lean over dangerous zones for cleaning activities. They minimally help prevent one from falling or being accidentally injured in some way. Allowing the workers to stay at a safe distance out of the possible dangerous areas as the brushes are among the essential functions that lead to improving the safety of the industrial workers.

Time-Saving Tool

The manifestations of the design of these industrial cleaning brushes allow for swift and substantially more effective cleaning of areas. They assist the workers to reach out and access larger areas rather than having to shift/ adjust and/or manage/oversee locations often and at the same time. This function on its own is ideal for sectors whereby time is of real value, for instance, the food sector and production.

User-Friendly Benefits

The long handheld cleaning brush is designed to be user-friendly and reduce workers’ stress. Conventional cleaning methods often require stretching, bending, or repeated motions, leading to stress or even injury. The brush’s greater reach enables workers to clean efficiently and comfortably without imposing any physical strain, leading to greater productivity and reduced absenteeism due to injuries.

Suitable for Various Surfaces

These brushes can be expected to deliver a good control over a vast variety of textures. They are applied in cleaning various surfaces in various kinds of places, from scrubbing the floor of a warehouse and washing the walls of a factory to even reaching high shelves of this storage. Cleaning tools and equipment are acquired with flexibility in many cleaning techniques. There are so many kinds of bristle and the rigidity is such that it copes with different sorts of surfaces and dirt.

Adaptable to Different Cleaning Agents

The other benefit that can also be considered is the flexibility attributable to the brushes for different types of cleaners. It depends on the industry with different types and brands of cleaning chemicals being adopted. These brushes are constructed with a material that is able to withstand some really oppressive types of chemicals to increase the lifespan and the general performance of the brushes every time they are used in connection with very abrasive solvents.

Long-Lasting Materials

The brushes are generally made out of durable and high-quality materials streamlined to withstand heavier use. Materials such as stainless steel, high-grade bristles, or durable plastics ensure that the brushes last for a longer time compared to the cleaning tools there.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

These brushes are extremely strong in their build. These items need less maintenance. Unlike the other cleaning tools that need to be attended to or get the parts replaced, these brushes come with low-maintenance needs. The reduced upkeep would contribute to their affordability, making them a sound investment across different industrial settings.

Meeting Industry Standards

Following proper hygiene practices is essential across a wide range of industries. These brushes can help meet the strict rules of cleanliness and regulatory needs. This ability to clean completely would minimize the risk of contamination while ensuring better compliance with the regulations of this industry.

Prevention of Cross-Contamination

These brushes often come in color-coded ways to effectively prevent cross-contamination. The designated brushes are for different forms of cleaning to help industries manage and prevent the spread of contaminants. This practice is essential across sectors where hygiene is of great importance.

Reduced Need for Disposable Cleaning Tools

The brushes would prove effective, leading to less need for disposable cleaning tools like single-use scrubbers and wipes. This can help save on costs while reducing waste and contributing to sustainable cleaning practices. Their longevity, as well as their usability, would make them an eco-friendly option across various industrial settings.

Efficient Use of Resources

These brushes prove effective in terms of contributing to the use of cleaning agents and water. Their effective, streamlined designs enable complete cleaning with less use of water and cleaning agents. It is this efficiency that can help with the conservation of resources while minimizing the environmental footprint for the operations involving industrial cleaning.

Consistency in Cleaning Standards

Using these brushes can help maintain consistent cleaning methods across different facilities and areas. Greater consistency is essential across industries to maintain their reputations while ensuring that the products meet the expectations of consumers and the needs of industry regulations.

Upgrade Your Cleaning Collection Today!

There are numerous perks of using an industrial long-handled cleaning brush that can help make your job across the facility easier. Investing in these brushes will effectively enhance safety and cleanliness while offering notable affordability and efficiencies with the core operations. At Lean 5S Products, we understand your needs and help you achieve your optimal performance. Visit our platform today to explore our huge range of cleaning brushes that are specifically streamlined to meet your needs. You should always maintain efficiencies and cleanliness so, equip your workforce with the best tools to get the job done right!