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A safer workplace…..tailored to your needs!

5S Shadow Boards
5S Shadow Boards


A safer workplace…..tailored to your needs!


5S shadow boards

Lean 5S Products is a Women-owned company based in Los Angeles providing lean management solutions and 5s shadow boards to businesses big and small across the USA.

Aware of the need for businesses to reduce waste and improve efficiency we are proud to provide a service that works closely with our customers to produce custom management boards in the form of shadow boards, cleaning stations, PPE Stations, Safety Boards, Information Boards, and custom lean management solutions.

Our highly Visual 5S Shadow Boards enable you to achieve an organized workplace where tools and equipment are stored in appropriate locations close to the work area or workstations, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

We also supply color-coded cleaning tools, and color-coding guides for your workspace.

Our sister company in the UK supplies similar products and ships to Europe. Check them out here. www.lean5sproducts.co.uk



Frequently Asked Questions

Every board we design and fabricate is to your custom specification.

We use a 1/8” Aluminum Composite Material. For heavy tools we recommend 1/4”ACM.

We print directly to the board surface and finish with a gloss laminate coating.

Sort, shine, set in order, standardize & sustain

We make wall mounted or end rack mounted, mobile and free standing units. Our boards can be used as cleaning stations, small tools organization boards, safety boards, production/ information boards, and general signage.

Fill out our enquiry form with your contact details and requirements and we will follow up with a design and estimate.

We work with the images and dimensions that you provide to design the appropriate shadow.

Yes, please send us your branding file and any graphics, text etc. We can also take inspiration from your logo and website for shadows and background colors.

Send us the information for each board and we’ll do the rest.

Depending on your approval of our design, our production lead time is generally 5-7 days after payment.

We accept all major credit cards, ACH or check payments. Payment is due upon order.