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You can now enhance workplace safety and ensure compliance with OSHA standards by keeping the lockout tagout devices neatly organized and in one place. The lockout tag out boards offer a reliable and highly visible place for storing and organizing the different lockout devices and supplies.

Lean 5S Products understands the requirement of organization and establishment of routine processes in the lockout tagout programs. These stations would help the employees to seamlessly and intuitively execute the processes due to the devices that get involved would reliably be found in a single place.

You can place your lock out tag out stations strategically in the convenient and visible areas near the machine switches or in the other central areas. Our products arrive in numerous devices and supplies. These are the beneficial stations, however, in the better bargain.

What is a Lockout Tagout Station?

The lockout tag-out station is fundamentally a place where every lock out tag out devices are neatly stored. It should accommodate every form of lock-out tag-out device, such as padlocks, inspection tags, hasps, and keys. It is always best if the station is visible and placed strategically in an easily accessible spot. But, it is essential to ensure that the station is secured and locked. It can help prevent any improper use by unauthorized individuals as well as accidental losses or damages to the devices.

Features of Our Loto Board

Our board is tailor-made with top-notch standards of better functionality and quality. The following are a couple of features that we have in our products:

  • Durable Construction: Our Lockout tag out boards are made out of premium-quality materials that withstand the rigors of bigger industrial units. These boards are resistant to corrosion while offering greater durability even in rough conditions.
  • Customizable Layout: At Lean 5S Products, we know about the varied needs of the workplace. Our boards are customized to meet your distinctive needs. We tailor-make our boards to catch your needs, whether you require more hooks for the locks or additional spaces for the tags.
  • Clear Labeling: Every section of the boards is labeled clearly to ensure that the different devices get stored in their own designated spots. It can help boost the organization while speeding up the entire process of locking out devices.
  • Ample Storage: Our lock-out tag-out board offers huge storage space options for the lockout or tag-out devices, including the hasps, tags, padlocks, and lockout devices. The spaciousness of the devices will ensure that the things are accessible.
  • Ease of Installation: These boards are effectively designed for ease of installation. They can be mounted onto the wall or any other flat surface, offering better conveniences and accessible locations for the different lockout tag-out devices.
  • Visual Management: The boards follow the Lean 5S principles and incorporate every visual management feature to boost workplace organization and safety. The color-coded clear sections with labels make it easier to identify the status of the equipment held responsible for the personnel.

Benefits of a Lockout Tagout Station

Every facility needs to adhere to the Lockout Tagout Standard laid by OSHA, which benefits through the use of the lockout tag outstation. It generally functions as the hub, helping to keep track of the core lockout tagout devices that are beneficial. But the lockout tag-out board offers several other things.

Standardizing LOTO Programs

The lock-out tag-out board helps to comply; however will help in preventing workplace fatalities and injuries. The formal lock-out tag-out program involves the OSHA requirement. The employees have a well-trained, executable program. The employees would find it easier to establish routines with the help of a lockout tag outstation. It would, therefore, prevent the employees from establishing their routines. and will make them less likely to deviate from the programs themselves. It mainly prevents your employees from operating machines that are under maintenance, thereby keeping your employees safe against the accidental release of energy.

Keeping Track Of Every Devices

Your lockout tag-out station is often similar to the main holder. The key holder is where the household members hang different keys at the end of the day, ensuring that they are found in a single place. Proper organization of keys can help prevent losses and maintain effective routines. These stations work similarly. These devices are the tools that would prevent the accidental release of energy and accidental operations of the machines that are under maintenance. They are not replaced easily, as there are OSHA guidelines specifying the kind of devices that are used in the lockout tag out processes.

Enhancing Efficiencies For Safety Processes

Having a highly organized storage space for the lockout tag-out devices can help the employees work with the same machines without any issues. It would help reduce and prevent the mistakes that are often harmful to maintenance workers. Furthermore, the lockout tagout programs require it to become machine-specific. It indicates that when a facility has numerous machines, then it cannot have a single lockout tagout program encompassing the different machines. The machines should have their lockout tag out of the program with employees working with and on the machines should be well-trained for the execution of the distinctive program.

Secure Your Workplace Today!

Never wait for any mishap to happen suddenly. You should always take proactive steps to secure your workplace while ensuring the safety of your employees with premium-grade lockout tag out boards. At Lean 5S Products, we make it seamless for you to implement and maintain an effective procedure for lockout tagout programs.