We are seeing a growing demand for domestic manufacturing, our loyal customers know us for our quick response and our quality customized product.

We ARE LEAN, we have learned to pivot within this new pandemic world we live in, adapting our in-house capabilities to design new products specifically geared towards the COVID landscape.           

Our small family owned business helps every kind of manufacturing and service sector improve their 5S and Lean Management initiatives with our customized visual management Shadow Boards. We have manufacturing facilities in Southern California and in Kent, United Kingdom.

Our products include fully customized, Small Tool Shadow Boards, Cleaning Stations, both Wall Mounted and Mobile, Informational & Organization Boards, Safety Boards, PPE Stations and Safety Floor Markings. We design from start to finish with unlimited design revisions, so you receive a shadow board that makes your workplace more efficient and profitable and, most importantly SAFE.

We even supply color coded cleaning tools too, making us your turnkey 5S solution and the best choice to exceed your company’s 5S needs.


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