Attack of the road cones? Think 5S!

How Can Companies Using Road Cones Be More Organised? Answer, Our Cone Shadow Boards!

Roadworks can be quite a chaotic time. There are strict deadlines to adhere to, a lot of night work, and often a complete lack of organisation when it comes to tools and cones. This is not the fault of the workers; it is just one of those things that happens. However, there is a way to bring better organisation to your company when it comes to road cones (and other tools), and that is with our range of 5S shadow boards. Here, we are talking about what we do and the great new cone shadow boards we have to offer.


Us and Our Shadow Boards

We aim to provide you with great organisation solutions that will help your workers and your company. Shadow boards are a fantastic way to do this as they provide you with a simple and cost effective way to store tools in an easy to access location. The sections are clearly marked, so you know where each tool belongs. All of this is achieved using lean manufacturing, so it creates minimal waste.

Available for all sectors, they are ideal for use by just about everyone and can help boost motivation and productivity levels thanks to the speed at which they can find items. It’s a clever and effective method that has been shown to have great advantages over traditional methods such as peg boards.


Shadow Boards and Road Cones

Road cones can be tricky to organize, and many people would be surprised by the number of road cones that are used by companies. There is a whole range, all of which serve different purposes and are best used for specific situations. As a result, it can be a little tricky to keep things sorted and in their correct sections.

To prevent things getting mixed up and to ensure that road cones are kept in the right place, we have created the ideal tool shadow boards for your cones. This way, each section is made for a specific type of cone so that they are put in the right place after a job.

When this is done, it means that the area remains organised and that the cones can be found easily and quickly before work begins. This can save a lot of time and hassle, as when cones get mixed up a great deal of time can be spent desperately searching for them among piles of different cone types.

Better organisation leads to better timekeeping, which can then lead to deadlines being met and work not needing to go over. Organisation is often the key to success in a company, and with something as vast as road cones, it can be a vital factor when it comes to keeping on schedule.

To Conclude

We take pride in helping you achieve better levels of organisation in your company, and roadworks is a sector that often finds itself in need of an organisational hand. So, with our nifty new road cone shadow boards, we hope that you will experience a new level of organisation that really helps to boost productivity and business. Why not try it for yourself?

Traditional Pegboards vs Printed Shadow boards? Who wins? You decide.

Shadow boards and peg boards are frequently used both personally and professionally. They help to keep the workplace organised and all of your tools together so that you can locate them easily. When it comes to purchasing either a shadow board or a peg board, people often find themselves stopping to wonder which is best. After all, they both offer organisation benefits to a workplace. This article aims to take you through each product, as well as the advantages they could have for your workplace – helping you to decide which is right for you.

Origins of the Peg Board and Shadow Board

The traditional pegboard is a wooden board with holes in it where pegs can be placed so that tools can be hung from them. It is believed that the board was invented in 1897 by a medical doctor who sought to keep his instruments separated to prevent the spread of leprosy among his patients. Since then, it has been further used for work tools such as hammers and spanners, and can be made from any hardboard, ranging from wood to metal.

The shadow board was created with the concept of lean manufacturing in mind, something that sought to reduce the amount of waste created and increase company efficiency. The idea of lean manufacturing was thought of by Toyota, and the shadow board clearly implements this. The shadow board features a large piece of hardboard with the silhouette of the appropriate tools printed on the front. A clip is attached so that the tool can sit securely on it. They are incredibly popular in workplaces.

Advantages of the Peg Board

Typically, peg boards are more suited for gardening at home and other small projects, as they are not as efficient at organising the workplace. However, there are some great new steel option available that incorporate a colour coding system so that you can better organise your tools. Unfortunately, from a professional viewpoint, there are not many advantages to using the traditional peg board. If anything, they can be confusing and cause slower production if not used with a colour coding system.

Advantages of the Shadow Board

The shadow board has some great benefits. For one, it is less wasteful in terms of the manufacturing process, but also in terms of time as less of it is spent looking for the correct tool thanks to the shadows. They are also very inexpensive, and so quite cost effective for companies who are looking to provide organisation on a budget.

They come in a wide variety of sizes and for many different sectors, everything from cleaning to construction. You can even order ones that are custom made for the ultimate level of organisation. You are sure to see improved productivity and morale with this organisation system.

To Conclude

The shadow board is the best way to keep your workplace organised. While the option for the traditional peg board remains, unless you are using a colour coded system it is more likely to hurt the eyes of employees as opposed to keep them motivated. The shadow board assures maximum organisation which, in turn, boosts productivity and morale. The shadow board is a clear winner in this case.

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Why Shadow Boards?

Incorporating Tool Shadow Boards into your workplace or organization has a multitude of benefits including:

Increase of workplace efficiency and time savings, operators are not wasting time searching for tools or equipment,

Reduction of Safety Hazards: keeps your important tools and equipment in one place every time, thus reducing tripping hazards.

Overall Cost Reductions: any missing or damaged tools are clearly visible and can be replaced in a timely manner. Tools stored correctly will last longer and not need repairing so frequently.

Increases Cleanliness and Organization of your workplace which results in a happier workforce.